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•   06/24/2010      todotvnews   Latin American media buyers interested in "The Real Face of Jesus?"

•   06/06/2010      Variety   "The Real Face of Jesus?" Emmy contender for Non Fiction Specials

•   04/29/2010      El Bazar del Espectaculo  Press Release in Spanish 

•   04/29/2010      Reforma  Mexican News Agency

•   04/29/2010      El Universal  Venezuelan  newspaper

•   04/29/2010      Clarin  Argentinian newspaper  

•   04/10/2010      NineMSN Australia  Article by Australian Associated Press's reporter Peter Mitchell 

•   04/01/2010      Jessica Simpson  tweets about the program

•   03/31/2010      Sky News  "Could this be the real face of Jesus Christ?"

•   03/31/2010      David Letterman  Video segment - David's monologue

•   03/31/2010      VirtueOnline  Article about the Shroud and "The Real Face of  Jesus" 

•   03/31/2010      MyFOXNY  Video segment on "The Real Face of Jesus" 

•   03/31/2010      Good Morning America  "Is face of Jesus Christ revealed?"

•   03/31/2010      Times of India  "Christ's face 'recreated' from Shroud of Turin"

•   03/31/2010      Sidney Morning Herald  "Is this the face of Jesus?"

•   03/31/2010      Good Morning America  Video segment on the revealed "Face of Jesus"

•   03/31/2010      The Huffington Post  " 'The Real Face of Jesus' : History Channel Special Examines 

                                 Shroud of Turin"

•   03/30/2010      Inside Edition  "The Real face of Jesus" 

•   03/30/2010      Kathie Lee tweets about "The Real Face of Jesus?"

•   03/30/2010      MSNBC  Article "The Face in the Shroud" 

•   03/30/2010      London's Daily Telegraph  picks up the story

•   03/30/2010      Good Morning America  Video segment on 'The Real Face of Jesus'

•   03/30/2010      Good Morning America  "Computer artists say they've re-created Christ's face using  

                                 Shroud of Turin"

•   03/29/2010      History Channel  Home Page for 'The Real Face of Jesus?'

•   03/29/2010      UPI  "History to air 'Real Face of Jesus?' "

•   03/29/2010      New York Post  " Jesus special that could change everything"

•   03/26/2010      Fox News  Video segment on 'The Real Face of Jesus'

•   03/26/2010      History Channel  Promotional Video

•   03/25/2010      New York Post  "Computer recreates Jesus' face for History Channel"

•   03/24/2010      WorldNet Daily  "Is this the face of Jesus Christ?"

•   03/22/2010      Catholic News Service  "Cable TV features an Easter-season special on the Shroud of    



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